Apparently, A) a couple guys “invented” this thing they called the “Bacon Explosion”, and then B) People are becoming fans of this thing. Here’s the picture as it’s being passed around:


And the proud inventors – who have never seen so much traffic at their site – can be found at

Take a look at that page. Ok, some dude wanted a bacon bbq recipe. Fine. This is what they come up with. Admittedly, they did say, “ but the longer I thought about it, the more I wanted to step it up a notch and clog a few arteries for those guys“. Step it up: sure. Kick em in the over-porked nuts? Maybe a little much.

Reading on , this thing consists of 2 pounds of bacon, and 2 pounds Italian sausage. Seriously? ok, so 4 pounds of meat isn’t going to be consumed by one person, but who at YOUR party is going to help you eat this? Oh, it also has a rub and some bbq sauce – just in case fat on fat with a little meaty fat isn’t going to be rich and flavorful enough.

Then we make it. First thing is to create a “5×5 bacon weave”. Really? A bacon weave? OK, health, fat, dripping bad stuff aside, if I can make something called a bacon weave, I’m getting interested. It’s literally a weave consisting of 25 pieces of bacon…woven together. Now, if we can substitute salmon, perhaps, in here at this point, maybe with some onions and herbs, we might be reaching a compromise in gluttony vs suicide. But no. We’ll be using sausage filling.

You spread the rub all over the weave, and then the 2 pounds of Italian sausage go right on that – all 2 pounds, right there in a giant lump of Northern Mediterranean processed porkness. Then this: “Take the remaining bacon slices and fry them up the same way you would for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or a midnight snack).
“Oh, riiiight. Like I would for my midnight snack. I get it.” I’m sure that was tongue and cheek, but seriously, that’s a fucked-up good example of why this is one fat-ass country. People do relate to a bacon-for-midnight-snack reference.

So the fried bacon goes on top of the pork – because what else would you put there? And then the whole thing gets rolled into this … this… I want to come up with an entertaining metaphor here, but good lord, look at the picture. I really don’t have to SAY anything…


Interestingly, this picture was taken for (and by, and probably for the sole use of) the New York Times article that spawned this whole Microphenom. Anyway, there you go. It’s in the smoker for a couple hours, and then you glaze it with the BBQ sauce, and slice it up. They even suggest a couple slices on a Pillsbury’s Grands Biscuit if you want a sandwich – probably another midnight snack.

So, how big a phenom is this? These guys posted the above blog on December 23. The New York Times article published 1/27 – two days ago. Today, people are actually Googling “Bacon Explosion” enough to put it as a top search today. The Kansas City masochists responsible for this abomination created a Facebook Page for it, and as of 5:00 pm 1/29, it has 350 fans – which isn’t earth shattering but on one hand, it was 15 yesterday, and on the other hand, this isn’t

Come to think of it, the one day a year on which it might be totally acceptable to include this in the menu is three days away. Enjoy…

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